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The Road to Sourcing for Telecom Services Starts with Choosing the Right E-Sourcing Technology

Guest Contributor: James Martino – Avotus - CEO

Avotus Corporation’s data and analysis indicates that procurement professionals can drive savings for their firms via network migrations, which capitalize on both technological evolution and declining prices for broadband services. Dynamic technological changes are driving migration within the classic telecom network to a more simplified and streamlined packet-based architecture. Integrated voice and data networks are now able to drive corporate savings, while simultaneously advancing a more feature-rich and flexible environment.

Tagged: Telecom, Broadband, Pricing, Trends, ICM

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Is Your Firm Overpaying for High Bandwidth Capacity?

Guest Contributor: James Martino – Avotus - CEO

According to the Purchasing & Procurement Center, an organization that provides comprehensive information for purchasing and procurement professionals, the advantages of e-procurement are becoming more evident as a wider understanding of its many uses and benefits becomes apparent. Establishing an e-procurement process that can truly realize these benefits is tricky at best and counter-productive, time-intensive and cost-prohibitive at worst. Which is where establishing a partnership with an experienced vendor that uses the latest technology, puts the user’s interests ahead of the suppliers.

Tagged: Telecom, Purchasing, e-Procurement, Reverse Auction, ICM

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TEMIA Call to Improve Carrier Billing

TEMIA seeks to promote efficiency calling for greater standardization in electronic billing media that telecom service providers use. Enterprises and TEM Solution Providers incur high costs capturing and normalizing data from a wide variety of different carrier bills. Adoption of this plan will improve carrier billing and help enterprises TEMIA seeks to work constructively with telecom carriers to help them gain efficiencies in billing because that will help our members and clients reduce waste and save money.

Tagged: Electronic Billing Media, TEM Solution, the telecom industry, Value Added Networks

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3 C’s Streamline TEM and WEM Implementation

Implementation of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Wireless Expense Management (WEM) programs can be streamlined if organizations focus on the three C’s of contacts, contracts, and charge-backs. It sounds simple, but this information is critical. The conundrum can be overcome if you know about it ahead of time and allocate resources for the three C’s or budget for Communications Assessment Services.

Tagged: Implementation of Telecom Expense Management, TEM, Wireless Expense Management, WEM, contacts, contracts, charge-backs, TEM WEM solutions provider, Communications Assessment Services

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Latest Android Malware Highlights the Case Against Bring Your Own Devices to Work

With news of security threats to smartphones growing, does a Bring Your Own Device to Work (BYOD) policy still make sense? The Android operating system’s popularity among consumers has also made it an attractive target for cyber criminals. It makes it likely that a BYOD policy with no restrictions will lead employees to bring Android devices and malware with security risks to work.

Tagged: smartphone security, Bring Your Own Device to Work, BYOD, Android operating system, Avotus Mobile Communication Lifecycle Management, MCLM

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Three Considerations to Achieve Strategic Sourcing Savings

Strategic sourcing and negotiation of contracts for telecom services can lead to reductions of rates by 20% to 40%. However, before you realize these savings consider terms and conditions in telecom contracts. Also, recognize that complex telecom bills have a wide range of services that require a system to verify new rates and special pricing are implemented properly. Finally, changes in consumption of telecom services by employees call for shifts in strategy and new efforts to negotiate contracts for the new services that they are consuming and reductions in Minimum Annual Revenue Commitments (MARCs) for areas with declining use.

Tagged: Strategic sourcing savings, contracts for telecom services, telecom contracts, telecom rates, Terms and Conditions, Minimum Annual Revenue Commitments, MARCs,  telecom cost justification, Return on Investment, ROI, negotiation of contracts for telecom services

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Don’t Neglect Terms and Conditions When Negotiating Telecom Contracts

Terms and conditions in telecommunications contracts can catch some of the most sophisticated procurement teams at enterprises. When sourcing or negotiating a contract for telecom services, procurement managers focus on getting the best rate for telecom services. Telecom rates are only part of what determines the ultimate price and cost for telecom services. Knowledge of how language in the contract and the terms and conditions is critical to getting the best deal. Often, enterprises don’t realize that language in the contract can also be negotiated, and a lawyer that doesn’t know what they should look for will provide a high level review of the terms and conditions.

Tagged: Terms and Conditions, Telecom Contracts, sourcing, negotiating a contract for telecom services, Telecom rates, MARCs, Minimum Annual Revenue Commitments, Avotus Intelli-Sourcing

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Enterprises Must Prepare to Negotiate with Verizon Wireless on Mobile Data

The Verizon Wireless “Share Everything” plan is a reminder that enterprises need to prepare for mobile data sourcing with Intelli-Sourcing tools. Verizon has announced that it will offer consumers data pooling with an opportunity to share data allotments among ten different devices. This change will cost 67% more for $50 for 1 GB of data and as much as $100 for 10 GB of data. There are some important lessons for enterprises and corporate contracts with this steep price increase for mobile data use.

Tagged: Flame, ROI Cost Justification,  TEM, Telecom Expense Management, Call Accounting, Avotus

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Flame Heats Cost Justification ROI for TEM, Call Accounting and Full Lifecycle Telecom Management

Flame, the next-generation malware that surfaced in the Middle East and Europe, provides a strong Return On Investment (ROI) cost justification for Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Call Accounting and a Full Lifecycle Telecom Management program. Flame gathers information instead of damaging or interrupting systems and networks. It can steal data, take screen snapshots of computer screens, scan for Bluetooth- active devices, switch a computer’s microphone on to record audio and record social network messaging.

Tagged: Flame, ROI Cost Justification,  TEM, Telecom Expense Management, Call Accounting, Avotus

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Health Care Revolution and Mobility… There is an App for That

Healthcare providers, insurers, drug companies, medical device manufacturers and patients are witnessing a revolution with new medical applications (apps) that leverage mobile services and new devices. If you work in the health care field or your firm is grappling with mobile revolution challenges, Avotus can help with Telecom Expense Management, Wireless Management  and a Full Lifecycle Telecom Management program.

Tagged: Mobility, Health Care Revolution, Mobile Apps, Telecom Expense Management, Wireless Management, Full Lifecycle Telecom Management

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Use Telecom Expense Management to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Unnecessary Wasteful Spending

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Full Lifecycle Telecom Management program helps large organizations fill gaps in their current process and avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary wasteful spending. Many organizations are surprised to learn they are performing few of the functions that are necessary to manage the full lifecycle of a telecom expense. It should come as no surprise that TEM can offer ways to cut costs and gain control of expenses.

Tagged: Telecom Expense Management, TEM, Full Lifecycle Telecom Management Solutions, sourcing

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Call Accounting A New Way to Reduce Telecom Expenses

Call Accounting should be a central part of any effort to manage communications expenses or a telecom expense management (TEM) program. In the current economic environment, organizations are still working to lower costs. Voice and data networking are a top line item expenses in most organizations’ budgets. In addition to cost savings, call accounting delivers enhanced data security and critical information to manage transitions of network services whether TDM, IP or a hybrid solution.

Tagged: Call Accounting, Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Telecom Expenses, Communications Expenses, IP Migration, Cost Allocation

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Bring Your Own Device – Challenges and Rewards

Several enterprises are now permitting employees to carry personal smartphones to the office— a trend known today as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The BYOD concept has been often quoted to be the greatest CIO challenge faced by enterprises. Should your company embrace BYOD as part of your business strategy? What are some of the challenges and benefits that you would encounter in a BYOD environment?

To know how Avotus can help you tackle some of the challenges associated a BYOD environment, drop us a line at info@avotus.com or call us at 1-877-AVOTUS-1.


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