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Call Accounting A New Way to Reduce Telecom Expenses

Call Accounting should be a central part of any effort to manage communications expenses or a telecom expense management (TEM) program. In the current economic environment, organizations are still working to lower costs. Voice and data networking are a top line item expenses in most organizations’ budgets. In addition to cost savings, call accounting delivers enhanced data security and critical information to manage transitions of network services whether TDM, IP or a hybrid solution. 

The migration to IP can be fraught with problems. Analyzing the current and projected infrastructure is a starting point in technology migration projects. Call accounting systems gather data from a key system, PBX, iPBX or VoIP communication servers and gateways. A good system will also provide subscriber names and transaction costs to the activity record (or more commonly call detail record (CDR). It will also provide concise metrics about calling patterns and comparative analysis of various plans. 

Call accounting programs save money through eliminating misuse of telecom voice services and fraud. It does this through collection of call detail records, allocation of costs to departments, employees and even customers, and providing reports. These reports improve visibility and accountability for consumption of voice services, which helps reduce expenses. 

Utilization analysis reports can identify services that should be disconnected and avoid paying for unused services. Analysis of utilization reports, trends, and traffic will often uncover opportunities to reduce expenses by right-sizing services and equipment to match call volume. A careful review of peak usage will avoid outages at critical times. Data feeds from wireless services can combine fixed and mobile services in one report. By integrating telecom invoices, wireless billing, long distance charges and calling cards into a single platform, managers can gain one central view of telecom expenses. 

When researching call accounting, focus on applications and providers that offer end-to-end total communication management software solutions. Older legacy call accounting systems are inadequate for today’s new communications technology. Organizations need more comprehensive solutions that integrate communication statistics under one reporting platform. Sophisticated communication management systems will identify billing errors, flag network bottlenecks, highlight misuse and abuse and suggest the provisioning of additional resources for more effective management of communication facilities. Contact us to learn how Avotus can help you save money.

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