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Flame Heats Cost Justification ROI for TEM, Call Accounting and Full Lifecycle Telecom Management

Flame, the next-generation malware that surfaced in the Middle East and Europe, provides a strong Return On Investment (ROI) cost justification for Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Call Accounting and a Full Lifecycle Telecom Management program. Flame gathers information instead of damaging or interrupting systems and networks. It can steal data, take screen snapshots of computer screens, scan for Bluetooth- active devices, switch a computer’s microphone on to record audio and record social network messaging.

Employers need to re-evaluate secure high-value digital assets on their corporate networks. With these new threats, the Return On Investment (ROI) cost justification for TEM programs Call Accounting and a Full Lifecycle Telecom Management program is no longer limited to cost savings from reducing spending on telecom expenses and identifying carrier billing errors.

First, call accounting and TEM reports provide proactive reporting to identify excessive use of an organization’s communications network. Second, Avotus’ system goes beyond traditional call accounting, with access to detailed usage information for all types of communication technologies with activity details of mobile and wireless phones, calling cards, pagers, and other devices. Capturing call detail information that did not originate from your PBX is critical because employees are using a wide range of devices and cybercriminals are targeting the weakest link. The system will flag excessive call activity and activity across all communications technologies to countries where the organization has no business and there should be no activity.

A third benefit of these programs arises from reductions in excessive network capacity. This is important because extra capacity can be used by cybercriminals to transmit stolen information to their servers. These criminals can also hide behind a legitimate business while they hack into other businesses networks and perform other activities. The damage to a firm’s reputation and its valuation from a security breach can be substantial.

A well managed program will control inventory. It will manage the full lifecycle of activity from ordering new services to retirement of those services. It will provide inventory tools for service order activity with controls on who can order new services and provide a verification step to ensure that all new service requests are actually needed. In addition, optimization efforts will reduce unnecessary capacity. When extra capacity is identified or locations are closed, these controls will help with regard to end of life or retirement of these services with assurance that items are disconnected and removed from bills.

Flame raises the security threat to organizations. Traditional thinking focuses on network monitoring to detect intrusions and disruptions to the network. However, this new generation of cybercriminals requires additional lockdown and other tools. Learn how Avotus can provide TEM, Call Accounting and a Full Lifecycle Telecom Management program that not only provides cost savings, but also identifies unused capacity and provides reports on activity that can augment your security.

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