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Enterprises Must Prepare to Negotiate with Verizon Wireless on Mobile Data

The Verizon Wireless “Share Everything” plan is a reminder that enterprises need to prepare for mobile data sourcing with Intelli-Sourcing tools. Verizon has announced that it will offer consumers data pooling with an opportunity to share data allotments among ten different devices. This change will cost 67% more for $50 for 1 GB of data and as much as $100 for 10 GB of data. There are some important lessons for enterprises and corporate contracts with this steep price increase for mobile data use.

First, unlimited data and pooling of voice minutes will shift to pooling for mobile data. This is already available from several carriers in Japan, South Korea and:

  • Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility in Canada
  • Orange Austria, France, Spain
  • Telefónica Movistar in Spain,
  • Orange Mobistar and Proximus in Belgium
  • Vodafone in Ireland
  • Vodaphone and Telstra in Australia

U.S. providers will begin to offer pooling of data for enterprises now that they can bill for data pooling. Avotus has experience managing sourcing engagements and negotiating with providers for mobile data pooling. Avotus can help with Intelli-Sourcing. The program enables clients to attain lower prices through use of electronic telecom RFPs and professional services even in a market in which prices are rising. Avotus past experience and benchmark pricing is critical to attaining more competitive rates and reducing costs.

Organizations also need professional assistance in gathering and verifying wireless assets including operating platforms, devices, and information on employees are eligible for carrier subsidized upgrades for smartphones and other mobile devices. It is critical to have accurate information on spending with each provider to gain better leverage when negotiating contracts. Usage studies will identify which employees are good candidates for data pooling, and which employees need unlimited data plans.

In addition, as unlimited data plans are replaced with data pooling, employers must update their corporate policy to set new expectations for mobile data use. Employers may find new risks that arise from pooling of data plans. Pooling can obscure individual employee misuse of corporate mobile assets. Charge-back and exception reporting is critical to identify this abuse and bring visibility into costs through allocation of expenses to business units and individuals.

Verizon’s new Share Everything plan highlights how quickly carriers can bring change to customers. Organizations that fail to respond to this change will face big increases in spending on mobile services. In this new climate, your next contract for mobile services will be more difficult to negotiate. Contact Avotus today to gain leverage before you attempt to negotiate your next contract for mobile services.

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