Security and Compliance Reporting

  • Identify non-compliance with IT or HR policies, analyze usage across legacy PBX, VoIP and mobility
  • Emergency and threat call response – know when actual or misdialed 911 calls occur
  • Comply with state, provincial, municipal or local data retention policies
  • Assist legal investigations and respond to litigation
  • Help isolate harassment call activity
  • Identify suspicious calls

Traditional Call Accounting (CDR reports)

Confirm actual business usage, avoid misuse, and save money by reducing unnecessary spend

  • Generate traditional CDR or call activity reports
  • Allocate telecom usage and cost information to the business accurately, across departments
  • Provide detailed and summary reporting across multiple sites
  • A single solution to provide reporting on multiple PBX platforms
  • Individual usage reports by user or by extension

Other Statistics and Usage Data

  • Incorporate Avotus Wireless Management module to manage your organization’s wireless data costs
  • Asset Management module for asset tracking and inventory
  • Ability to track work orders with Order Management
  • Review traffic statistics for usage, trend data, and call quality
  • Provides visibility into the total time spent by employees across various wireless or wireline devices