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The Avotus Hosted - Software as a Service (SaaS) model offers software delivery services wherein we provide maintenance, daily technical operation and support for the software provided to clients.

The Avotus SaaS model delivers software functionality without the overheads of application and hardware environment management.

How it works

  • Avotus enterprise software platforms are hosted in world-class hosting facilities to maximize availability and assure superior software performance
  • Highly skilled technical resources are dedicated to application environment support. Hardware and software environments are designed and sized to meet specific customer requirements and objectives. Avotus proactively manages and maintains the application environment to ensure that updates to software and supporting infrastructure happen in a timely manner

Benefits of the Hosted - SaaS model

  • Speeds up implementation of Avotus enterprise software solutions by removing the requirement to engage valuable corporate IT resources
  • Offers an attractive financial alternative to license sourcing
  • Simple and secure access to your applications from anywhere within the organization
  • Dedicated resources specifically focused on providing top-to-bottom application environment support
  • Focus on managing the processes and information critical to you



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