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Many organizations maintain their own fully staffed data centers with efficient operations support. If these organizations intend to leverage that investment onsite, licensing would be their preferred deployment option.

To help organizations address such challenges, Avotus offers them the Intelligent Communications Management — Avotus ICM — solution deployed via a traditional onsite license.

As a part of this solution, we enable enterprises to host the software and maintain all data behind the corporate firewall.

How it works

  • Licensed software packages are available for each of the solution areas we focus on
  • Multiple installation support options, including documentation, remote support, and on-site installation assistance, are made available
  • In addition to software installation, a full range of implementation and rollout support options are offered to assist customers with deployment
  • Ongoing support—with a wide range of support options—is provided

Benefits of deployment as licensed software

  • Access to best-in-class enterprise software
  • Ability to utilize the pre-established infrastructure of a client
  • Direct control of the software and hardware environments
  • Access to technical and subject matter expertise during the implementation and lifecycle



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