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Most enterprises do not have the resources or expertise to fully manage their telecommunication spend on an ongoing basis. This makes it difficult for them to ensure maximum gain from their investments by managing expenditures, driving compliance against negotiated contracts, or identifying additional savings opportunities.

Avotus provides enterprises with a dedicated team of experts who continually monitor their telecommunication expenditures and suppliers' performance. Avotus will present enterprises a clear picture of their telecom expenses spread across all branches of their organization. Our TEM experts use this information to explore additional means to further reduce enterprise telecommunication costs.

How it works

  • Avotus manages your entire telecom environment from the ordering of services to invoice receipt to invoice payment. Avotus uses our market-facing experts, leading technology platforms and a global delivery engine to ensure accurate invoicing, complete inventory and timely processing of orders. Avotus works directly with key stakeholders within the enterprise and their telecom service providers to ensure that the business needs are met across the globe.
  • Avotus offers a flexible outsourced model, whereby we can manage all or just a few of an enterprise’s operational processes, as required.
  • Enterprises retain complete visibility and control over the processes being managed on their behalf.

Benefits of Avotus managed services

  • Complete visibility - open book invoice management process.
  • 100 percent review —every invoice line item, subcomponent and amount is validated against inventory and contract/tariff.
  • Access to experts with decades of TEM expertise.
  • Efficiency of staff resulting in achieving rapid and consistent savings.
  • Support to remove administrative burden from the employees and managers of the enterprise.
  • Allow resources of the enterprise to focus on higher-value activities and decisions.
  • Fully managed hosting and software environment.
  • Flexible reporting across carriers, locations, service categories and more.
  • Reduced risk—Avotus has a proven track record of helping enterprises save money and providing services for long-term telecom expense management optimization.



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