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Use to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Unnecessary Wasteful Spending

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Full Lifecycle Telecom Management program helps large organizations fill gaps in their current process and avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary wasteful spending. Many organizations are surprised to learn they are performing few of the functions that are necessary to manage the full lifecycle of a telecom expense. It should come as no surprise that TEM can offer ways to cut costs and gain control of expenses.

Large organizations often rely on sourcing groups that do not have specialized knowledge of telecom contracts. A sourcing event for telecom services requires extra effort to get carriers to participate and ensure that all the terms and conditions are addressed as part of the process. After the new contract is in place, there must be a system to ensure that orders properly reference contracts and other special pricing arrangements. Often there is no mechanism to update the inventory after placing orders with telecom carriers. This explains why so many companies do not have accurate inventories.

Bills are usually received in paper format and expense verification for these organizations may provide a review to see if the bill is higher than the prior month’s expense. There is not effective. A telecom audit should match the contract rates. It must also reconcile Move Add Change Disconnect (MACD) activity to bills. Organizations find that access to current information on telecom expenses is not readily available. Reporting on telecom expenses can be a manual time intensive project. Information regarding telecom expenses may lack the level of detail that managers need to effectively manage expenses or provide accountability to business units and employees that consume services. With these constraints, managers are unable to proactively optimize their communications network and reduce their costs.

If you are seeking to develop, an effect TEM program be prepared to look at gaps in your current process. It is likely that you will find areas where you need to go beyond your current activities. Many functions can be automates and outsourced and performed more efficiently. Learn how Avotus’ Full Lifecycle Telecom Management Solutions can help you reduce costs unnecessary wasteful spending and get control of your telecom expenses.

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