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Avotus Enhances Flagship ICM Usage Management Tool

OAKLAND, New Jersey – September 5, 2013 – Avotus Corporation, a leading provider of Intelligent Communications Management (ICM) solutions, announced today that it has released significant enhancements to its ICM Usage Management tool. Avotus’ ICM UM version 8.31 provides key mobility, security and reporting enhancements that deliver visibility into an enterprise’s telecom assets and expense.

Avotus’ ICM UM 8.4 is an advanced Call Accounting tool that delivers organized, comprehensive and detailed reporting on an organization’s communications spend across wireline, wireless, VoIP and legacy platforms. Using information gathered from ICM UM 8.31’s customizable reports, enterprise telecom administrators can better track and manage communications expense across all corporate platforms, manage assets and better track business success.

“The latest enhancements to our Call Accounting solution are designed to continue pushing the envelope with regard to flexibility, transparency, reporting and management,” Said Sumer Shankardass, CEO of Avotus. “ICM UM 8.4 is a robust software tool that captures user information and offers analysis of that data. With this information at their fingers, enterprises are in a much stronger position to examine their own internal efficiency, prepare for litigation and other inquiries with accurate data and cost-effectively manage the rapidly growing fleets of mobile devices that permeate today’s corporate environment.”

New product features include:

  • Cisco AXL Gateway Retrieval – Captures reporting information more efficiently
  • Cisco 9.x CDR Support – Delivers support for the latest Cisco equipment
  • Avaya Blue (CS1000) LD02 Native Traffic and Inventory – Run statistics and reporting on your own time
  • Avaya Blue (CS1000) CPND Name Retrieval – Populate directories without costly, time-consuming data entry
  • Avaya Blue (CS1000) DBA Compliance – Captures CDRs without requiring an external buffer box

Key benefits include:

  • Instant review of traffic and call-quality statistics
  • Easy management of growing fleets of mobile and BYOD devices 
  • Complete compliance reporting
  • Organized Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting for easier look-ups and cost allocation
  • Accurate prediction of business costs
  • Stronger corporate telecoms security

About Avotus
Avotus is an award-winning provider of Intelligent Communications Management solutions. Avotus works with enterprises to help them tackle challenges associated with managing their communications assets and services. Avotus serves customers across 41 global destinations, many of which are industry leading Fortune 2000 customers. For more information, please visit For Avotus news and updates, follow AvotusCorp on Twitter and Avotus Corporation on LinkedInFacebook and Google Plus.

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