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ICM Intelli-Sourcing Enterprise provides an e-sourcing platform for your simple, daily telecom service and equipment needs that can be configured and implemented quickly – meeting the real-time needs of your business.

  • Intelli-Sourcing Enterprise edition is specifically designed to manage the Master Service Agreement (MSA) contracting process
  • It can handle thousands of bid items and also score responses to hundreds of questions
  • Avotus suggests the best questions to ask, provides pricing guidelines, and organizes the data
  • Carriers compete for business both quantitatively (price) and qualitatively (SLAs, terms)

Via our proprietary reverse web auction platform, users can…

  • Monitor bidder activity
  • “Wrangle” bidders
  • Answer bidder questions
  • Ask clients for information when needed
  • Provide daily updates to clients
  • Send tips to bidders
  • Monitor bids for mistakes and anomalies

Avotus has auctioned over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in telecom spend for its customers with its strategically automated process Avotus ICM Intelli-Sourcing