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Avotus Launches Game Changing Platform Unifying Telecom & Mobile Expense Management with Cloud & IT Asset Management utilizing automated ITAM Robot

IT Asset Management (ITAM) Robot provides CIOs with Full Network Visibility tied to a Unique Asset & Expense Management Platform

OAKLAND, New Jersey– November 17, 2015Avotus Corporation, the leading provider of Intelligent Communications Management (ICM) solutions, announces the launch of its pioneering IT Asset Management (ITAM) Robot solution. The Avotus ITAM Robot builds and monitors telecom and IT asset inventory. Real-time inventory is discovered, identified and matched against invoices and contracts that are then optimized in the Avotus Cloud Services platform. Online Analytical Processes (OLAP) are then used to create a true Configuration Management Database (CMDB) of all IT and telecom assets.

The ITAM Robot technology is truly a game changer in its ability to associate the physical network layer (i.e. PBX, Switch, Router, Broadband) with the investment layer (i.e. Invoice, Contract, Payment) in a single CMDB to provide critical visibility and control of network assets and investments. The Avotus solution integrates an agile rapid application development platform with the discovery and orchestration tools necessary to enhance savings.

“ITAM Robot mirrors the upgrade strategy we demonstrated recently with our Enhanced Usage Reporting (EUR) 9.0 platform,” states Avotus CEO. “ITAM Robot elevates our legacy EM platform as an innovative industry leader. It allows us to solve some of the biggest challenges in expense management and asset management, including the ability to obtain, in a cost-effective manner, accurate and clean real time inventory of our customers’ telecom and IT assets. It’s a big year for Avotus, real-time inventory of a broad array of assets has really been the Holy Grail for the TEM industry. In my opinion, the ITAM Robot technology positions Avotus to lay a claim to the Holy Grail of TEM for the benefit of our clients.  

After the ITAM Robot solution has been deployed, it continues to monitor and update asset inventory on a real-time basis. The platform provides continued savings by improving business processes around invoices, contracts, order provisioning and cost allocations for all services connected to the physical network.

Key Benefits:

Simplifies Telecom (fixed and mobile) & IT financial management

  • Reduces Expenses and optimizes your investment
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Reduces risk
  • Streamlines and automates the on and off boarding of employees
  • Allows for the seamless integration of web services and disparate systems
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Provides big data analytics


  • Allows for true integration between services, devices and people through automation of business process
  • Automates the collection of vendor data through web services and parsing technologies
  • Provides best-in-class Visibility into IT networks for informed management
  • Proprietary mobile applications that tracks inventory and usage in real time
  • Associate physical network devices (routers, switches, PBX's) with geo locations
  • Dynamic workflow creation tool and BPM engine that is integrated into the platform
  • Create dynamic provisioning/approval workflows
  • Audit Capacity utilization and usage of Data Network against billing
  • Integration of PBX’s & routers (inventory & bandwidth reporting)
  • Accurate real-time inventory of both vendor and enterprise assets
  • Single system of record for IT and telecom assets (Configuration Management Database)
  • Optimize investments by eliminating dead assets and ensuring SLAs are met
  • Eliminate manual processes and automate functions
  • Realize near 100% of your VoIP investment with the patented intelligent routing solution
  • Track and manage billing for Cloud services
  • Realize indirect savings, labor efficiencies and improved network asset management

To find out more, download the ITAM Robot brochure and watch our video.

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About Avotus
With more than 30 years of industry experience, Avotus is the award-winning provider of Intelligent Communications Management (ICM) solutions. ICM solutions enable users to optimize, manage and protect against misuse and abuse of their critical investments in telecom and technology. Often times, Avotus’ ICM lifecycle can be deployed in a manner that allows each engagement to self-fund the next, while putting cash on the clients bottom line at each step. ICM solutions include: Enhanced Usage Reporting (EUR) for Unified Communications, Expense Management (EM), Intelli-Sourcing and Wireless Management. Avotus and its partners serve more than 1,000 clients in North America and around the world, many of which are industry-leading Fortune 5000 customers. ICM is Avotus’ Intelligent approach to managing wireline and wireless assets, and your safeguard for next-generation solution implementation.

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