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ITAM RobotNew TEM Changes the Game

The exclusive Voice & Data TEM allows you to secure control of your NETWORK because it integrates automated inventory management with all invoice information from your suppliers, thereby providing REAL value to your business.

Processes, the Essentials

Voice & Data TEM allows for defining supply processes for services (purchases, deletions, modifications of scope), which makes it possible to streamline processes for purchases and to provide more value to your business.

It ensures inventory is always updated, bills are properly paid, and the network is properly configured and dimensioned according to your business’s needs.

The Processes are carried out with greater speed and traceability, providing information of significant added value for making on-time decisions.

The only Technology that gives you Full Control of your Network

Through our Process & Automation Driven Technology, Voice & Data TEM is able to reach the DNA of your infrastructure, each component of your voice and data network, ensuring services being paid are actually working and are configured correctly.

Voice & Data TEM links each element of the bill with the physically installed service, whether at the Router, Gateway, or PBX level, in order to ensure the proper management of near 100% of your data and voice services.

Control Inventories, Resources, and Billing

From the billing details of your Carriers, Voice & Data TEM uses the values obtained from signed agreements with each of your suppliers, and recalculates costs of all fixed and variable charges.

It generates automated reports with details of the differences detected, which allows for managing corresponding refunds without any complaints.

Voice & Data TEM detects near 100% of the differences between real inventory and what was billed, thereby ensuring a high quality of services operated by IT, significantly improving productivity, and ensuring proper billing.

ITAM Robot Benefits

  • Allows for true integration between services, devices and people through automation of business process
  • Automates the collection of vendor data through web services and parsing technologies
  • Provides Unique Visibility into IT networks for informed management
  • Proprietary mobile applications that tracks inventory and usage in real time
  • Associate physical network devices (routers, switches, PBX's) with geo locations
  • Dynamic workflow creation tool and BPM engine that is integrated into the platform
  • Create dynamic provisioning/approval workflows
  • Audit Capacity utilization and usage of Data Network against billing
  • Integration of PBX’s & routers (inventory & bandwidth reporting)
  • Accurate real-time inventory of both vendor and enterprise assets
  • Single system of record for IT and telecom assets (Configuration Management Database)
  • Optimize investments by eliminating dead assets and ensuring SLAs are met
  • Eliminate manual processes and automate functions
  • Realize near 100% of your VoIP investment with the patented intelligent routing solution
  • Track and manage billing for Cloud services
  • Realize indirect savings, labor efficiencies and improved network asset management

Wireless, Voice & Data TEM connects IT, People, Devices and Services with the Business

  • Proper dimensioning of your network for your business needs
  • Guarantees bills are properly paid
  • More agile and traceable processes
  • Automated and binding claims reports to Carriers with errors in billing
  • Inventories continuously updated
  • Guarantee of proper network settings for using subscribed services
  • Empowers decision making


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