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Discover our Newest and Most Innovative Technology, the Avotus ITAM-Robot

  • According to Gartner, Fortune 5000 worldwide IT spending is on pace to reach $3.8 Trillion
  • 2-14% of telecom and IT expenses are in error
  • Organizations that invest in an end-to-end expense management solutions see processing costs decrease 37% while policy compliance increases 44%

Savings Category

  • Tracking and Management all IT Equipment
    Optimize hardware purchases and tack all internal components of IT hardware
  • Track and Reduce Software Licensing and Maintenance
    Track and monitor applications and software licenses and eliminate duplicate licensing

    Renegotiate Existing Contracts
    Identify whether the organization actually uses all features that are paid for. Renegotiate the contract to receive and pay only for software editions that are utilized
  • Billing Automation: Track and management cloud billing
  • Voice, Data and Mobile TEM: Refunds/credits for billing errors
  • Workflow Process: Audit and recovery for billing overcharges Contract Module: Contract compliance
  • Workflow Automation: Inventory reconciliation to billing and dispute resolution
    • Grooming to higher capacity network infrastructure
    • Elimination of unused services/devices
  • Capacity Utilization Data Network: Cost avoidance reduction of future spending
  • CMDB: Sourcing better contracts and rates
  • Network Discovery Process: Carrier Inventory management
  • Network Discovery Process: IT Equipment inventory management
  • VoIP Intelligent Routing: Optimize IPT traffic by insuring the configuration of your IP PBX is optimized to your network infrastructure
  • MMS Service: Wireless service optimization match of usage to service plans; voice and/or data; pooling
  • CMDB and Workflows: Identification of services with no contracts, better rates though quote requests and negotiation
  • Workflows and Contract Compliance: Minimum Annual Revenue Commitment (MARC) penalty avoidance
  • Usage Management: Accountability chargeback visibility, reporting on usage
  • Automation and workflows: Elimination of late payment penalties and service disruption for late payments, nonpayment, or lost bills


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