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The mobile device provisioning and support solution from Avotus can help enterprises:
  • The user management services are designed to make supporting mobile end users easy and efficient.
  • The optional Rate Plan Optimization service ensures that enterprises are using the best plans and services for their ever-changing business requirements.
  • Solve the major issues with mobile devices—providing service and ensuring reliable support for enterprise users. The self-service portal enables enterprise users to get technical support, order replacement units and accessories and report service issues.
  • Eliminate the headaches associated with invoice coding
  • With the spend management solution, Avotus provides enterprises:
    • Complete visibility — “Open book” invoice management process
    • Cent percent review — Every invoice line item, subcomponent, and amount validated against inventory and contract/tariff
    • Proactive management of the invoice “receipt-to-pay” process
    • Anytime “at-your-fingertips” access to enterprise data
    • Dispute filing and credit recovery done on behalf of the enterprise
    • Electronically bonded to enterprise accounting and finance systems
  • The Enterprise portal of Avotus:
    • Enforces enterprise wireless purchasing policy
    • Ensures that users get right devices and plans
    • Implements approval process, when required
    • Interfaces with carriers for procurement and provisioning
    • Custom web portal supports enterprise mobile plans and devices
  • The detailed reports from Avotus enable enterprises to audit compliance security and legal and regulatory requirements for communications.
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