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The Avotus Enterprise Portal solves the major issues with mobile devices—providing service and ensuring reliable support for enterprise users. This self-service enabled portal enables enterprise users to get technical support, order replacement units and accessories and report service issues.

The mobile device provisioning and support solution from Avotus can help enterprises:

  • The spend management services are designed to help enterprises get a complete understanding of their mobile inventory and associated mobile spend.
  • As part of the inventory management service, Avotus tracks multiple serialized (phone, PDA, wireless data cards) and non-serialized (accessories) devices or items per user. It can track inventory at a location as well as be associated with an individual. Reporting is then provided on a user or asset basis.
  • The centralized web-based reporting within ICM MLM provides a complete picture of all enterprise wireless communications on a corporate, department, or user level regardless of how many providers are delivering mobile services.
  • Using our customized self-service enterprise portal, users can perform a variety of tasks, including ordering new devices, accessories, or plans, or replacing existing ones. The portal can also perform customized PDA and Smartphone provisioning processes including set up, initial sync, application installation, and training.
  • For end users who prefer not to use the self-service capabilities, Avotus also provides a mobile support center that will respond to user requests, manage the procurement and provisioning process and track assets.
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