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As a result of the continuous technology and device upgrade offered by carrier networks, approximately 80 million mobile devices are rendered obsolete every year. Governments around the world are increasing their focus on mobile device disposal. Enterprises need a solution that safeguards the data security of their unused and discarded mobile devices and helps them track these devices in such a scenario.

Avotus Mobile Device Recycling is a comprehensive recycling solution that employs industry best practices to directly eliminate all security risks associated with discarded mobile devices, provides enterprises with financial returns and helps address issues of tracking and security.

Avotus Mobile Device Recycling in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Collect old / unused devices
Collect any discarded mobile phone lying around office or that employees would like to recycle

Step 2: Fill Inventory form
Fill out the “Recycling Inventory Form,” and email it to

Step 3: Free Shipping
We can work with enterprises to pick up the items from their location or provide them with a free, pre-paid shipping label


  • Responsible recycling
  • Complete data security
  • Recycling revenue


  • Cost reductions
  • Data security
  • Device upgrade alignment for savings realization
  • A step toward going green
  • Comprehensive reporting
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