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BroadSoftAvotus’ ICM EUR, TMC’s recognized winner of “Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award 2015 for Exceptional Innovation” has been customized to meet the specifications of BroadSoft users and is now available in the BroadSoft Marketplace.

An advanced, subscription-based usage management tool, Avotus’ EUR Cloud Reporting for BroadSoft delivers organized, comprehensive and detailed visibility and reporting on an organization’s communications spend across wireline, wireless, VoIP and legacy voice platforms. Using business intelligence gathered from ICM EUR customizable reports, telecom administrators, IT, finance and other business units can analyze, track and manage communications expense and associated assets across all corporate platforms. These assets include both traditional and non-traditional assets.

Avotus EUR Cloud Reporting for BroadSoft is also capable of consolidating call records from BroadSoft BroadWorks and legacy PBXs, providing clients with multiple PBX installations a path to seamlessly transition to BroadSoft BroadWorks with zero loss of call management features and functions.

Key Avotus EUR Cloud Reporting for BroadSoft capabilities include:

  • Traditional call accounting (CDR reports)
  • Wireless reporting (Mobility)
  • Telecom cost allocation (across departments & usage types)
  • Compliance and auditing – “Lookup” type detail reports
  • Asset Management
  • Telecom traffic and engineering statistics reports
  • Emergency and threat call response
  • Potential fraud prevention notifications
  • Compliance with state, provincial, municipal or local data retention policies
  • Assistance for law enforcement investigations
  • Response to litigation
  • Multiple site visibility and management on one platform
  • Integrates with 130 PBX platforms for multi-vendor visibility

Because the Avotus EUR Cloud Reporting for BroadSoft is cloud-based, there is minimal investment required to utilize the application and no associated infrastructure costs. What’s more, the platform allows for quick and efficient onboarding of end-users.  

The BroadSoft Marketplace makes it easy for service providers to start driving new revenue streams by offering innovative applications developed by BroadSoft’s trusted vendor community.

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