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Avotus’ Communications Solutions Product of the Year award 2015 winner, Enhanced Usage Reporting (EUR) for UC, has been customized to meet the specifications of Ribbon Communications’s Application Server (AS) and Nuvia platforms users.

As methods of communication both expand and unify, maintaining a comprehensive management, monitoring and reporting process has become increasingly difficult - and vital. Having the right systems in place is critical as monitoring and tracking of use, and misuse, is key to evaluating resource ROI. Perhaps more importantly, asset monitoring and reporting is key to uncovering and eliminating employee non-compliance and other misuses of network assets that may increase security risk.

This is why Avotus developed a solution that integrates many real-time communication services (Instant Messaging, Presence Info, Voice, Video Calls and Conferencing to name a few) onto one unified communications solution.

Avotus’ ICM Enhanced Usage Reporting for Ribbon Provides:
  • Tracking and exception reporting on proprietary company information across all UC resources to detect and manage potential non-compliance with corporate guidelines that may increase security risk
  • Compliance reporting across multiple sites and PBX vendor equipment
  • Enhanced visibility across wireline, wireless, VoIP, UC and TDM based links
  • User Interface integrates critical data and analysis across multiple sites/vendors
  • Full asset-tracking module for traditional and non-traditional TEM assets
  • Organized Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting
  • Respond to litigation with accurate information about phone system usage
  • Consolidated billing reports
  • Automated reports in a variety of formats via email
  • Bill back - usage charges to departments, cost codes or employees
The UC reporting functionalities include:
  • Visibility into file-sharing during video calls and instant messaging – employee asset misuse or abuse
  • Leveraging corporate communications flow to gain big data “relationship analytics” insights
  • Compliance with state, provincial, municipal or local data retention policies
  • Comprehensive response to litigation
  • Control of critical communications data for internal investigations
  • Order & Asset Management
  • Emergency and threat call response
  • Fraud prevention notifications
  • Offers detailed reports of all communications, including instant messages – facilitating supervision & HR policy enforcement

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