ReflectR The most comprehensive reporting solution for Amazon Connect & Amazon Chime

ReflectR The most comprehensive reporting solution for Amazon Connect & Amazon Chime

Cloud-based solution which utilizes the power and flexibility provided by
AWS cloud

ReflectR for Amazon has been developed as a completely serverless solution to deliver scalability, security, ease of use at an affordable cost. It makes the most of a wide range of AWS technologies and services comprising Lambda, Aurora DB, Amazon Linux (AL2), API Gateway, Event Bridge, Cognito and Secrets Manager.

Run a more efficient and profitable operation with 3 analytical tools purpose-built for Amazon Connect and Chime Users


ReflectR Chime

Enable change in your digitally connected organization

ReflectR Chime lets you see into the heart of Amazon Chime. No more guesswork, now you can see details on how individuals and teams are performing together with their associated costs.

ReflectR Chime provides your managers with their own fully customizable windows on the individual and collective activities that matter.

It gives them the data and the insights to make meaningful change – to cut costs, save time, and boost productivity.


Easier cost management

  • Tighten your control of costs by completely understanding call usage
  • Apportion your call costs for hassle-free cross-company billing

Manage call quality

  • Monitor your call quality to detect problems and know where fixes are required

Enhanced productivity

  • Convert efficiency gains into enhanced customer experience and improved KPIs

Keep a check on abuse and time theft

  • Check whether staff are utilizing technology for permissible business purposes
  • Detect higher call costs and inspect for potential toll fraud