ReflectR A complete integrated voice recording solution for
Microsoft Teams

ReflectR A complete integrated voice recording solution for Microsoft Teams

An easy-to-use, compliant and cost-effective voice recording solution

Custom-built for Microsoft Teams, ReflectR VR provides call recording features at an affordable price to organizations and can also function as a standalone application. It’s generally utilized for compliance, training and monitoring or dispute resolution, helping make sure that the highest levels of customer service is maintained on an ongoing basis. In combination with a MS Teams phone system licence, ReflectR VR enables recording of inbound, outbound, internal, federated and conference calls.

Enhance training, improve customer satisfaction and resolve disputes

  • Play back calls or download for review or sharing
  • Pause and resume recording when carrying out financial transactions
  • ‘Silent monitoring’ of active calls for team leaders
  • Become aware of which employees require extra training
  • Find it easy to resolve disputes and safeguard employees from abuse
  • Intuitive browser-based interface with effortless search and identification of calls
  • User-defined retention and storage of recorded calls
  • Recorded calls always remain in your environment, preventing issues related to data governance and privacy
  • Designate the retention period of recorded calls to prevent futile and expensive storage

Realistic agent training for higher effectiveness

By listening to some calls, managers can provide specific feedback and coaching that helps their teams sell more effectively, provide better customer service, or use more appropriate business phone etiquette.

  • Know which employees need extra training
  • Easier to resolve disputes and protect employees from abuse
  • Play back calls or download for review or sharing
  • Pause and resume recording when taking financial transactions

The costs and solutions for improved compliance

Speaking of covering yourself from a legal standpoint, call recording solutions enable companies to capture customer authorizations. This is particularly useful in healthcare, government, financial services and other industries that handle sensitive data or have compliance regulations.

Depending on the business and the industry, non-compliance costs can run into millions. There’s also the loss of authority and reputation, the cost of correcting errors, and the long-term consequences of non-compliance.

ReflectR VR

ReflectR VR is part of the ReflectR suite of specialized tools delivering valuable insights into the most popular UC&C platforms globally.

ReflectR and its modules provide info regarding almost everything that you should be aware of about your UC&C environment, ranging from headset usage to DID number management.

The core reporting and analytics of the ReflectR application are supplemented by 5 add-on modules which further expand its scope.

Moreover, our voice-recording solution, ReflectR VR is able to function as a standalone application.






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