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Skype for BusinessAvotus EUR – Skype for Business – Features

Multiple scenario support for CDR generation – EUR utilizes two independent scenarios to support internal and external calls, and integrates with more than 150 PBX models and manufacturers, including CISCO, AVAYA and NORTEL. It also offers full reporting on every UC element that is used by employees in the Skype for Business solution.

Multiple report generation features designed for the Skype for Business platform - Enterprises as well as small and medium businesses that offer time-based services need systems and methodologies to monitor billable items for their respective clients. To achieve this with efficiency, organizations need to be able to attribute billing data to all UC assets and history for trend analysis and reporting.

The Avotus EUR solution is optimized to assemble and report billing information for the Microsoft Skype for Business platform. In addition to UC insight, the solution delivers reports such as billing, call summary, call detail, Top N and usage including:

o Billing

  • Cost center billing
  • Organization billing
  • Entity billing
  • Time based billing

  • o Call Summary
  • Extension summary
  • Bill asset summary
  • Bill asset summary by day
  • Extension call type summary
  • o Call Detail

  • Extension detail
  • Extension details by organization
  • Bill asset detail
  • Exception chronological
  • Costed call record diagnostic

  • o Top N
  • Top entities
  • Top locations
  • Top digits dialed
  • o UC Reports

  • UC Usage Summary
  • UC Usage Detail
  • UC Voice Detail
  • UC Video Detail
  • Video Failed Calls Summary
  • Video Failed Calls Detail
  • IM Peer to Peer Detail
  • IM Persistent Chat Detail
  • IM Conference Message Detail
  • UC File Transfer Summary
  • UC File Transfer Detail
  • UC App Sharing Detail

  • Learn more about the benefits of Avotus’ EUR for Skype for Business by downloading our white paper, “The Need for Enhanced Usage Reporting when Implementing Skype for Business.”

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