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Key Benefits

Enhanced System Reliability and Dependability
Avotus ICM EUR Voice delivers an accurate and comprehensive view of your corporate telecom assets and usage. Providing extensive, real-time Call Detail Record (CDR) tracking and accounting, ICM EUR Voice strengthens your reporting and helps you to accurately predict business costs.

Customizable to Better Meet Your Individual Corporate Needs
With customizable reporting formats, enhanced geographic data and real-time views into usage of corporate communications assets, Avotus ICM EUR Voice delivers cost-effective support for long-term resource, market planning and fraud prevention.
Optimally provision your communications environment
Avotus ICM EUR Voice enables you to offer the right mix to your employees for communicating with customers, prospects & partmers.
Improve customer service
Avotus ICM EUR Voice provides you with the detailed information you need about how much time your employees are spending on the phone in support of your customers.
Support legal and regulatory requirements
Avotus ICM EUR Voice provides the detailed calling information for both wireless and landline calls to support these requirements.
Identify system misuse
Avotus ICM EUR Voice gives you visibility to your organization’s complete call detail information, helping you clearly identify any non adherence to corporate policy.
Enable charge back to departments, cost centers and clients
Avotus ICM EUR Voice enables you to allocate costs easily to departments, employees, divisions or projects. Wireless expenses can now be properly allocated to the correct budgets.
Highlight system abuse
Avotus ICM EUR Voice enables you to spot atypical calling patterns, start times or destinations so you can immediately take actions to solve security problems. Avotus ICM EUR Voice also enables you to quickly identify employees who are spending too much time on the phone and track calls made to unauthorized countries.
Understand employee productivity
Avotus ICM EUR Voice helps you understand how much time your employees are spending on the phone in support of their job functions. For any organization that relies on employee call productivity such as in outbound call centers, ICM UM Voice enables you to track and report on critical performance statistics for our agents or crew – including number and type of calls, duration and origin / destination city names.


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