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Unified communications (UC) is a platform that intelligently integrates several communication and collaboration applications to improve business processes. The combination of presence and availability with voice, video, email, and instant messaging makes it easier to communicate via the optimal path with employees, customers, and suppliers, and it ultimately streamlines business processes. Although the many applications associated with UC platforms can be deployed as standalone, UC provides a common user interface for these applications that makes it simpler for employees to use them on an integrated platform. This promotes higher use of these applications and results in improved business processes and employee productivity. - Forrester

Unified communications brings an integrated suite of services to the desktop user level, and with it new issues to tackle for the phone system administrator.  With instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, file or desktop sharing available in addition to traditional voice service, understanding how users are connecting and using the services are key to ensure compliance with IT or HR policies.

Avotus unified communication reporting captures and retains unified communications usage data to allow analysis, provisioning decisions, and even investigations if required.  Easily search voice or video meta-data, or even conduct keyword searches against actual instant message conversations.  Avotus can provide these services from a single web based solution even if your organization uses more than one communications platform.

Some of the benefits include:

Adoption Metrics
  • Understand who is using the unified communications services provided by the organization
  • How users prefer to connect (desk phone, mobile, soft client on laptop)
  • Reduce redundant equipment or services if no one is using them
Security / Oversight
  • Identify non-compliance with IT or HR policies, analyze usage across multiple devices or soft clients
  • Emergency and threat call response - know when actual or misdialed 911 calls occur
  • Investigate misuse, such as allegations of harassment, or intellectual property theft, assist any legal investigations
  • Regulation / Retention - electronic communications may be subject to archival, and assurance of confidentiality (HIIPAA)
  • Planning / provisioning - how much of your network backbone is consumed by communications
  • Future use - potentially integrate UC usage data into a CRM or mine your own sales or other data for client insights


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