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Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Avotus Telecom Expense Management Inventory is an integrated inventory management module that captures and manages corporate network assets. It allows organizations to define network services and elements on the basis of what is relevant to the business unit for tracking, management, and other related functions.

The Inventory module enables organizations :

  • To assign ownership of equipment within your organization
  • To determine the attributes of network assets
  • To improve auditing capabilities
  • The Inventory module contains information on all network services and inventory items in the customer organization; this information is maintained in the telecom expense management databases.
  • The structure of the Inventory module reflects the technical relationships between these telecommunications services. Each unique service type captures the technical information that is applicable to it. Additionally, the interdependency between services can be clearly established.
  • The Inventory module is related to the providers who deliver that service within an account structure, which mirrors the structure established at the provider level.
  • A major advantage of Inventory is the accessibility that it provides to service data. Avotus TEM automatically indexes the data in the system allowing you to locate and identify a specific item (or items) on the basis of the search and selection criteria chosen. By default, the Inventory is indexed by location, provider, account, and service type.

The existence of an accessible and accurate inventory system is critical to effective network management. These features of the TEM Inventory allow organizations to efficiently manage these services. The customer can quickly identify services that are affected by changes in the organization, such as the introduction of new services, moves, changes, or service disconnects. The ability to identify services provided under a given account or by a specific provider will also assist in contract renegotiations or disaster recovery planning.

Additional benefits of the Inventory solution

  • Helps create and maintain an accurate and current cross-vendor inventory
  • Validates invoices against an inventory to ensure that the customer pays only for the assets actually owned by them

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