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Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Avotus Telecom Expense Management Purchasing is an integrated Order Management module for sourcing, operations, and accounting. Using easily accessible electronic catalogs, order templates, and automated approval workflow, purchasing and approval processes are customized to meet the needs of the customer enterprises.

To keep the inventories up-to-date, the Purchasing module contains features that allow effective placing and management of service requests and orders with the providers chosen by the enterprises. Order Templates are built into the system to ensure accurate order placement. A key feature of this module is its ability to pre-configure individual service request orders with important information. Many orders placed by enterprises either lack complete information or contain incorrect data. The predefined order, request, and process templates of the Purchasing module can reduce these problems in several ways.

  • Provides full value from the telecom contracts since TEM purchasing ensures compliance with contract terms
  • Automatically updates the inventory as new equipment and services are purchased
  • Easy to use standard repeatable order templates
  • Business rule which eliminates the omission of information while placing order, rules out the error or incomplete order placement
  • It also involves the actual communication with a provider
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