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Traffic study in telecom infrastructure involves forecasting calculations to assist the customer in planning new networks or upgrading the efficiency of existing networks with reduced cost. Accurate forecasting can help the customer get detailed information about the current usage and the extent to which the current setup is being utilized. In addition, the customer can gauge the minimum number of resources that can be adopted to reduce telecom expenses.

What is Avotus Traffic Analysis?

Avotus Traffic Study is a service providing detailed reports to review and analyze traffic based on the CMR and CDR records and traffic data collected from Avaya Blue/Nortel and Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM).

Why Avotus Traffic Analysis?

Avotus Traffic Analysis analyzes the telecom usage patterns of enterprises for a particular time period and, thereafter, helps them gauge the optimum telecom resources required to effectively manage their telecom environment. This helps them forecast their expected resource usage and helps them plan new networks or enhance the efficiency of existing networks with reduced costs.

How can you benefit?

  • It is the industry’s most cost-effective analysis and reporting service offering
  • It helps you understand the exact utilization of each trunk and loop and the busiest hours each day of a week
  • It gives you a complete report based on the current setup and indicates the minimum resources required to run your setup most efficiently and with reduced cost
  • It provides information you need to efficiently understand and manage your network utilization
  • It allows you to schedule reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc basis

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