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Avotus Releases Next Generation Of ICM ‘Usage Management’ Solution

ICM Unity Call Accounting Platform Provides Cross Medium Communication Support and Tracking

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – September 14, 2010 – Avotus Corporation, the leading provider of Telecom Management Services, including Expense Management (TEM), eProcurement, and Usage Management solutions, today introduced ICM Unity, its next generation Intelligent Communications Management and Usage Management Software.

The new generation of Avotus flagship Usage Management takes call accounting to a new level by incorporating VoIP, video conferencing, wireless, and mobile demand management. The platform provides comprehensive SIP based communications tracking, fully accountable records of VoIP calls, complete wireless and mobile integration of all company accounts, and video usage tracking, which are areas of increasing vulnerability in the communications field and areas of significant growth forecasts.

ICM Unity also includes a series of other enhancements to Avotus ICM solution including a bilingual interface (French and English), updated browser and “core” switch support for enhanced call accounting, as well as a number of upgrades to conference call reporting and management.

“In an evolving communications industry, this next generation ICM UM product underscores Avotus continued commitment to „Usage Management as a vital component of an overall TEM solution,” said John Blyzinskyj, President of Avotus. “Our new usage management product suite supports a full range of management, security and compliance reporting functions, which will be invaluable to businesses in the healthcare and financial services industries that need to comply with new government regulations, while also controlling costs. By understanding the needs of our customers and the nature of their communications, Avotus solution will continue to set industry standards and march in step with the advancement of new technology.”

ICM Usage Management enables traditional landline, wireless, multi-media, and VoIP communications to be tracked and allocated to the proper division, cost center, or individual in addition to providing rich reporting and analysis capabilities. Importantly, the application is fully compatible with nearly all PBX platforms such as Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Nortel as well as many others.

Avotus suite of Intelligent Communications Management (ICM) solutions, which includes Intelli-Sourcing, ICM Expense Management and ICM Usage Management, far exceed simple invoice processing, validation and reconciliation by offering a complete lifecycle management approach, starting at procurement and running through the life of the contracts. ICM is based on a foundation of best practices that Avotus has developed through decades of telecom industry experience, ensures compliance and consistency, prevents leakage and errors, and delivers results that are verifiable and sustainable.

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Avotus changes the way companies source, procure, and manage their communications services and assets. By combining technology, automation, and domain expertise under the Avotus Adaptive Communications™ model, Avotus is helping Global 2000 companies transform their telecommunications spend. This strategic set of services includes Communications Assessment capabilities, which help identify, diagnose and understand business problems and opportunities; Advisory services, which provide valuable insight into clients telecom challenges and offer both technical and business process-related solutions which bring enhanced value to our clients; Managed Services, which provide specific business process and service support; and Outsourcing.

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