Analyze your Webex Calling Usage and Drive Improved Business Performance

Get more insights and reports with ReflectR for Webex calling

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ReflectR, a CDR-reporting and analytics solution, provides richer capabilities with more dashboards and gives you more opportunities to review the usage information, alerts, and granular access privileges, to name a few.

As more organizations have shifted to hybrid working and with a rise in customer experience, users of the Webex calling ecosystem have a new opportunity to drive revenue with deeper insights from their call data offered by Avotus.


ReflectR Dashboard


Better data retention and greater reporting flexibility for both dashboards & reports



Granular access privileges reduces the burden on IT to fulfill report or information requests


Ability to incorporate organizational structures – Active Directory Integration


Cost allocation – traditional call accounting


Multiple platform integration – “Single pane of glass” view

Get customized dashboards
and reports

  • ReflectR is a monitoring and reporting solution for Webex Calling
  • ReflectR is a powerful and flexible solution, giving you unparalleled visibility of your telecom and Webex Calling usage, call quality, user adoption, productivity, and costs
  • Users can customize dashboard layouts and reports to present the needed data in a clean, intuitive interface. It’s simple to use, and training needs are minimal
  • Visibility into usage by department, division, or location: directory integration with Webex Calling or external systems such as Active Directory

Excellent monitoring tool for Webex Calling

  • Augments productivity of users and ensures business continuity
  • Escalates user adoption and improves ROI for Webex Calling deployments
  • Visibility of call costs highlights fraud and decreases costs
  • Enhances capacity planning and management (SIP trunks, DIDs, and devices) and boosts efficiencies in your Webex environment
  • Granular and flexible access privileges allow non-IT users secure access to appropriate data while maintaining data integrity and confidentiality
  • Store and retain telecom and Webex Calling usage data beyond any default Webex Calling capability, experience ad-hoc or scheduled reports without 30, 60, or 90-day limitations!

ReflectR is very affordable!

  • ReflectR pricing is based on the license slabs and modules required
  • We have a base price for a minimum of 250 licenses for US$2,520, and pricing reduces as license size increases
  • Remote Installation/Training/Configuration depends on license size and customer environment
  • All deployments are SaaS-based