ReflectR ReflectR DID Range Manager LogoMultiple direct inward dial (DID) range, number, and extension management solution

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ReflectR ReflectR DID Range Manager LogoMultiple direct inward dial (DID) range, number, and extension management solution

Automate number management with a single pane of glass

Number management tasks can be time consuming. With ReflectR RM, you will be able to save time by automating number management. ReflectR facilitates tasks like adding new ranges, designating DIDs or extensions for new hires, detecting unallocated DIDs and auto-generating new ranges whenever a sequential set of numbers is detected. This can become your single point of contact for all number-management tasks.

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Manage DIDs in an efficient and easy manner

  • A clear view of data for all number ranges
  • Spot DIDs which have been utilized but aren’t allocated to a range
  • Import DIDs and automatically group them into ranges

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Decrease DID costs

  • Make well-informed decisions on the volume of DID numbers necessary in a range

DID Never Run Short of DIDs

Never run short of DIDs

  • Email alerts when a range closes in on capacity
  • Make sure DIDs are available for new hires

DID Never Run Short of DIDs

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ReflectR RM

ReflectR RM is part of the ReflectR suite of specialized tools delivering valuable insights into the most popular UC&C platforms globally.

ReflectR and its modules provide info regarding almost everything that you should be aware of about your UC&C environment, ranging from headset usage to DID number management.

The core reporting and analytics of the ReflectR application are supplemented by 5 add-on modules which further expand its scope.

Moreover, our voice-recording solution, ReflectR VR is able to function as a standalone application.

Provision DIDs (for MS Teams only)

  • Number provisioning, outside of the Teams admin portal allocating the relevant MS Teams license
  • Bulk provisioning of DIDs
  • Support for direct routing, Teams calling plans and operator connect

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