At Avotus, we understand how crucial your UC&C platform is to build a high-performance work-from-anywhere culture. We also understand the limitations of the standard reporting packages of UC&C platforms like Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Cisco Unified Call Manager (CUCM), Cisco Jabber or Amazon Chime, and Connect.

You need much more than their native reporting, archiving, and retrieval capabilities to drive UC&C best practices, create competitive advantage, and maximize business results.

ReflectR real-time monitoring, reporting, alerts, and trend analytics enable your business leaders and managers to see at a glance the health of your UC&C platform and the performance of your organization working from anywhere.

Explore Dashboards

ReflectR is robust and easy-to-use, providing perpetual data archiving and query-based retrieval. Reports can be easily customized for the specific needs of each part of your organization – from sales and customer service to operations, finance, compliance, and administration across multiple UC&C platforms viewed in a single pane of glass.

  • Drive Adoption
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Improve Call Quality
  • Compliance & Regulation
  • Return on Investment
  • Monitor Employee Activity
  • Drive Business Results
  • Automated Real Time, Alerts and Reports

Take Control. Build your own reports with Report Designer & Report Assistant

ReflectR Report Designer and Report Assistant guides you to easily create your own customized and specialized reports and alerts.


Mine data that matters to your business in the most suitable format

ReflectR allows you to attain vital business and technical insights via its reports, daily dashboards, and historical trend monitors, available as per your preferred format.

It is highly flexible and easy to use. Business owners and managers can define their own views by utilizing the powerful and intuitive report designer and report assistant.

  • Trend report with 10+ years of historical data
  • Search based reporting
  • User defined dashboards
  • Automated on-demand reports and alerts
  • On-screen data dissection
  • User-defined live calls wallboards and presence reporting

Get more done with automation

Enhance your team productivity and efficiency with ReflectR’s fully automated search and reporting features.

  • Intuitive search and reporting
  • Automated report delivery
  • Role-based access policies
  • System alarms
  • Budget limit alarms
  • Active directory integration

Save money, increase productivity and grow customer satisfaction


ReflectR Add-on Modules


Live call wallboards, historical dashboards, and supporting reports that let you view and monitor agents and queues in real-time


Save time and reduce risk by automating number management. Add new ranges, allocate DIDs or extensions, identify unallocated DIDs, and more


Drive headset adoption, deliver firmware updates, and increase efficiencies through centralized management


Call recording features that are typically used for compliance, training and monitoring, or dispute resolution and help deliver the highest levels of customer service


An advanced tool for analyzing take-up, governance, and performance gains from your use of Microsoft Teams


Extensive reporting and analytics solution for Amazon Chime

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Delivery Questions

Avotus offers ReflectR in a SaaS model as a “cloud” service; no server infrastructure or hardware (virtual or otherwise) would be required. Typically our sales will speak to options for cloud or on-premise; either is possible from a technology standpoint.

Yes, ReflectR can collect data from both communication platforms and some legacy platforms like Avaya CS1000. You can opt for cloud or on-premise deployment of ReflectR (it can operate from our data center and securely connect to your environment, or you can host it in your data center).
Yes, ReflectR could install within an AWS cloud. It would essentially mimic an on-premise deployment, requiring a Microsoft Server & SQL license. It would operate from your “cloud,” however.

Access & Security Questions

If you opt for on-premise deployment and a full Microsoft SQL license, you can control how much storage and, therefore, data retention is available.
If you opt for a cloud model, retention may vary depending on the contract, but it will definitely exceed native Microsoft Teams or Cisco Call manager retention. In both cases, calls or sessions begin storing from the moment the solution begins collecting and can be anywhere from two years to whatever your requirements are for data retention.
ReflectR supports granular security policies, allowing you to define different access levels—not all users must have Administrator privileges. ReflectR supports either local user accounts or authentication through Active Directory. It is possible to create access for a department manager to see their department calls and activity only.

Platform & Connectivity Questions

Microsoft Windows 2012 / 2016 / 2019 Server (64 bit)
Microsoft SQL 2012 / 2014 / 2016 /2019 (64 bit)
Yes, separate tenants (referred to as Sites in ReflectR) can be created, and their configurations are isolated from each other.
Yes, there is a capability for reporting call queues () plus agent and queue performance information, including real-time wallboard capability.

ReflectR uses

  • For Microsoft, Call Detail Graph API for Teams along with webhook technology to import the CDR’s into its SQL database.
  • For CUCM, it collects that data directly from the FTP/SFTP server.
LDAP, Microsoft Graph (e.g. Teams), ODBC data sources, and Cisco AXL, to name a few. Others may be added as APIs or technology changes.

Deployment & Usage Questions

Your last 10 searches are presented to you, but this list cannot be cleared.
New entries will push out the older search queries, though.
Yes, there is both ability to view an individual’s meeting participation (or non-participation!), including how they connected, duration, plus a QoS quality assessment of the session (was it “Good”, ”Poor”, etc.) Please note that this information becomes available after the meeting or call has ended.
Reports can be in Excel, Word, PDF, or CSV format, and can be configured, to be distributed in an automated manner.


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ReflectR Solution Overview