COVID-19 Shines a Light on UCC (Unified Communications and Collaboration)

March 17, 2020 – By now, if you haven’t heard of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) you’ve been ‘living in a van down by the river’! Last month, the nightmare infection, COVID-19 impacted our workplaces, sporting events, vacation paradise, and our economies. Though the epidemic started in China, COVID-19 has spread like wildfire. It has thrown the world’s stock markets into a downward spiral. Being a contagious disease, with no vaccine in the market, governments, employers, and employees are concerned with our working environments. Employers are trying to ensure that employees remain safe, yet keeping companies afloat. Corporate policies for UCC are changing, and its adoption is growing exponentially.

Avotus Corporation has built a suite of reporting tools to help enterprises navigate the ever changing waters of UCC.

Companies and governments across nations are encouraging staff to work-from-anywhere. Thousands of employees around the world will experience the advantages and disadvantages of the home office for the first time. Some individuals will be frustrated with intrusive bosses who cannot believe their employees can be trusted to work-from-anywhere while others are distracted by family members at home. Some are embracing the experience, while others find it challenging to focus.

Avotus Corporation’s Unified Communications and Collaboration suite collects unified communications data and then generates reports so that managers can efficiently identify employee productivity in a UCC environment.

As unified communication technologies evolve, the focus is shifting from making a business case for UCC to ensuring it delivers a positive ROI to corporations and staff wellbeing. UCC encompasses components such as:

  • Email
  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice Calls
  • Web Conferencing
  • Presence
  • File Sharing

A market leader in UCC reporting, Avotus has been helping global corporations monitor unified communications activity of applications, business processes, and workflows. Avotus UCC reporting captures and retains unified communications usage data to allow analysis, provisioning decisions, and even investigations. Avotus can provide these services from a single web based solution even if your organization uses more than one communications platform. Connect with Avotus Corporation today to shine the light on your enterprise’s UCC activity.

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