New Avotus White Paper Maps Path

The white paper illustrates how a Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) tool like ReflectR can help organizations thrive in the rapidly changing workplace.

January 11, 2022 – Avotus, an award-winning provider of Enterprise Communications Management (ECM) solutions, has released a white paper that delves into the rapidly evolving hybrid workplace and what organizations can do to best adapt to it. With the world in flux in the wake of the pandemic-related work from home transition, the whitepaper examines how UC&C monitoring, reporting, and analytical tools like ReflectR can help organizations transition to the new world order.

“The world was forced to move away from an office-centric workspace, but now that we’re there, it seems unlikely we’re ever going back,” said Sandeep Jain, VP of Global Sales for Avotus. “The fact is there are just too many benefits for both employees and management to ever go back to exactly the way things were.”

According to one study, the white paper shows that working remotely increased employee productivity by 13%. In fact, people like the new work-life (no commutes, no interruptions from co-workers) so much that three-quarters of those surveyed indicated they prefer working either remotely or in a hybrid work environment permanently.

However, not all organizations are equally prepared to deal with this enterprise-level change. The white paper explores how Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) monitoring, reporting, and analytical tools will be vital in helping organizations thrive when their people are no longer all under the same roof but still need to work together and within their specific work teams.

“To thrive in a hybrid work environment, employees need to collaborate seamlessly as if they were all still together in the office environment,” Jain said. “Avotus ReflectR is one example of a UC&C monitoring, reporting and analytical tool that can help the workforce by facilitating a smooth transition to a fully functioning hybrid workplace.”

The white paper examines how UC&C monitoring, reporting, and analytical tools can enhance the hybrid workplace experience by empowering better management. They can offer simplified visibility for improved real-time monitoring, reporting, and trend analytics, with flexible access policies based on organizational requirements. This means increased employee productivity, engagement, and time management with overall automation for organizations.

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