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March 31, 2020 – Did you just roll out of bed into the meeting? Or how was the commute from the kitchen to the upstairs office? Old jokes aside, work-from-anywhere is being taken a lot more seriously lately, as efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus change the way we go about our daily lives, and change our workplace environment.

From schools to sports leagues to travel, everyday life is on pause… and an abundance of caution is the word of the day. However, companies cannot afford to pause and need to instantly morph their physical workplace to a virtual workplace. So why is work-from-anywhere more realistic now than ever before?

Organizations are realizing that for a large number of workers, they no longer really need to be in an expensive office to be effective. There are soft benefits to business like greater worker happiness or contentment, retaining staff who might otherwise face grueling commutes, and potential cost savings too if “cube farms” are reduced in real estate footprint to a few hotel desks. The impact the coronavirus has had on our daily work life will remain present within the work force for a significant time. But really it’s the modern unified communications & collaboration (“UC” or “UCC”) platforms which are the key to work-from-anywhere today. With a range of services from presence & online status, to instant messaging, file transfers, and so on, it’s easier than ever to be remote but still connected. Instant video calls and meetings have long ago moved from science fiction to reality. How will companies ensure their employees remain productive in this virtual workplace? Will the virtual work environment experience the same pressures as a traditional physical work environment? Avotus’ UCC reporting solutions can provide the much need information regarding your company’s newest working environment.

Sure, there are roles that can’t effectively work-from-anywhere. But for everyone else, why not minimize that risk? Collaboration tools are more sophisticated than ever, and the reporting and quality analytics are available, so it’s never been easier (and safer) to take a call in your pajamas. Maybe just keep the camera at headshot height though! :)

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